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Mayfair Reserve in Wauwatosa: Redefining Luxury, Redefining Life

Ask any Tosan and chances are you’ll get a similar response. There is “just something” about Wauwatosa. Something special. Something unique. Something for everyone. All packaged up in a quaint, lovable community. That word, community, means something to Wauwatosa. And it means something to Mayfair Reserve, where we go above and beyond to build upon…

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Business Spotlight: World of Beer in Wauwatosa

Founded for beer, craved for food, celebrated for service. These are among the ways World of Beer General Manager Stephanie Kronenburg said she would describe the experience at the local hot spot. “Discovering the next great craft beer experience is what we’re all about,” Kronenburg said. “(World of Beer) is a fun place to eat,…

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5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Spruce Up Your Apartment For Spring

Well-loved. Appreciated. Good for the pocketbook and the environment. These are just a few of the words literary minds are using to describe a decorating trend sweeping the fashion-conscious shoppers of today. Everything from refurbished, rustic furniture finds to repurposed antiques are becoming beloved statement pieces in any apartment. Sustainable living is at the root…

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