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Mayfair Reserve: A Preferred Employer Program At a Glance

The philosophies of life around here are pretty simple. Luxury comes standard, expectations are succeeded regularly, and home is where the heart is at Mayfair Reserve. Located at 11011 W. North Avenue in the flourishing community of Wauwatosa, Mayfair Reserve is a luxury apartment community that offers stunning amenities, breathtaking homes, and a staff of…

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Embracing Easter Traditions in Wauwatosa

The spring sun is peaking through the window as anxious children jump out of bed and creep down the stairs. There is something special about this day, something magical about the mysterious visitor that may have dropped off some goodies somewhere in the house. The Easter bunny was here, and the frantic search for the…

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Family Fun at the Tosa Farmer’s Market in Wauwatosa

From family-friendly favorites like the pretzel balls at Waterhouse Foods to street food delicacies like vanilla mascarpone and bourbon cherry waffles, there’s something for everyone to try at the Tosa Farmer’s Market. Hand-rolled butter, fresh cheese products, drip-style coffee and fresh produce and flowers are among a host of other features offered by the market,…

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