Staying Warm This Winter in Wisconsin

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The term “The Frozen Tundra” may be used for a place over 100 miles away from us here at Mayfair Reserve but it still rings true. Winters here in Wisconsin can be extremely cold, but who doesn’t know that by now? 

Winter weather means a little more time indoors but it does not have to mean you cannot still enjoy your community and local events. Don’t let the cold weather keep you away. We are going to share some tips and items to help your survive winter here in Milwaukee and let you be able to enjoy it. 

Keeping Yourself Warm

Layer up! If you plan to enjoy some of the amazing outdoor activities Wisconsin has to offer, layer your clothing. Long underwear are a necessity and make sure you wear enough items over the top of them also. You can always remove layers if you are too warm so don’t worry about that. Investing in a neck warmer or scarf, wool socks, warm bomber hat, puffer coat, quality winter boots and big fuzzy mittens is a must. Don’t worry about style, focusing on staying warm will be the right style for you. 

Prepare Your Car

Starting your car a few minutes before you head out can help warm it up. Never count on the idea that your car won’t die. Even new vehicles can experience car trouble during cold winter weather. Make sure you have items you will need to stay warm until help arrives if you should run into car trouble. Always have warm blankets, gloves, hats, hand and foot warmers and extra clothes in your trunk. Also keep a set of jumper cables, a small shovel and car charger for your phone. Being prepared will make any issue that should arrive a bit less stressful.

Enjoy The Sun

Winters are known for being dark with little sun. If the sun should come out and the temperatures are decent head outside to soak up some vitamin D. If it is too cold to enjoy the sunshine, open your blinds and pull up a seat and soak up the sunshine from your warm home. 

Warm Up Your Drink

Having a warm drink after being out in the cold can help warm you up faster. Make some coffee, tea or hot chocolate and enjoy the warmth of your cup on your hands. 

Staying Warm at Mayfair Reserve

Here at Mayfair Reserve we offer you a place to warm up and a community that understands how long winter can be. Let us show you how you can survive the cold winters in your own home.

Our one or two bedroom apartments offer luxury amenities including an electronic thermostat, in unit washer and dryer, energy efficient appliances, exquisite lighting, coffee bar and a fitness center along with much more that will help you stay warm and beat the winter blues.

For more information about Mayfair Reserve, or to schedule a tour, call (844) 219-7215 or visit us online.


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