Time to Pull The Plug: Remembering the Importance of Unplugging

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Have you ever tried to unplug? Did you really stick with it? Unplugging is talked about now quite a bit but most people who say they will unplug, find it hard to do so. It is important for our own mental health to make sure we are taking time to unplug, unwind, relax and just be. Our world is full of such amazing technology that can sometimes be more distracting than we even realize. 

Plan It Out

Today people are so accessible, maybe even too accessible, so there are some steps you might need to take to ensure no one worries while you unplug. If you have a job that requires you to be plugged in, make sure you are unplugging during a time they are aware of so there isn’t panic if they cannot get a hold of you. You should also notify your close family or friends, really anyone you communicate with daily, so they do not panic and think the worst if you are unavailable when you normally would be available. 

Go All In

To commit to unplugging 100 percent you need to go all in. Once you have a plan in place, it is time to start shutting down. Make sure you fully shut down all of your devices, computers, iPads, and phones.

If you feel the need to still be able to have someone get a hold of you, put your phone on silence or airplane mode and have a set time you will be checking it a few times a day, but you need to be intentional when you check your phone and only look for urgent matters, anything that can wait needs to wait so you do not get sucked back in. 

Enjoy the Break

One of the hardest parts of unplugging might be just enjoying your time. A decade ago, when technology hadn’t yet taken over everyday life, we enjoyed time with others. We talked face to face, we laughed with one another, we learned to enjoy just being with others. Have a nice meal with your family, enjoy time outdoors, play a board game, talk about your hopes and dreams, read in the quiet of your home, just be with no distractions taking up your time.

Technology is an amazing thing, it is reconnecting people, saving lives, keeping us informed, teaching us new things and so much more, but sometimes it is ok to really disconnect and just unplug. 


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