Thanksgiving in Wauwatosa, WI

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When this time of year comes around we always think about all the great food we eat, the fun activities we do with our family, and all the exciting things that are happening in our area. Thanksgiving is almost here and everyone is gearing up for the holiday in their own special way. There is an abundance of Thanksgiving things to do in and around the city that you can take part in. If you’re looking to have a good time during the Thanksgiving holiday, here’s a list of things you can go to or get involved in.


There are many local charities and churches that like to serve meals to the less fortunate during the holiday season. Stop by one of the charities and help give back. Grab your friends or family and show you're thankful by helping someone else. Look up local charities or churches in your area and sign up to give back.

Turkey Trot

Turkey trots are very popular and might just take place in your community. Get up Thanksgiving morning ready to join in on a good cause. The Turkey Trot is fun and a great way to start off the holiday. Check to see if you can join in on the great 5K.

Whatever you decide to get into for the holidays it’s important to remember to be safe, and to have fun.


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