Welcome Home to Mayfair Reserve Apartments

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Mayfair Reserve Apartments is such a wonderful place to live. Residents truly enjoy not only living in a luxury apartment home but having a great community filled with amazing amenities. Here at Mayfair Reserve, we like for all of our residents to feel like family, and we are determined to give the best quality apartment lifestyle we can. If you came to our Wauwatosa, WI apartments we're sure there are many things you will like, such as our resident's Lounge. This fabulous amenity is the hub of social gatherings within our community. It's a great place to relax and hang out during your downtime.  

Our resident's lounge has fun activities for you to play and provides all around good entertainment. Play a fun and friendly game of ping pong with other residents or have a competitive game of pool with one of your friends. Our lounge also has a kitchen and coffee bar so that you can enjoy yummy drinks and tasty snacks while you hang out and have a good time. It' the perfect place to entertain any guest you may have over, or get to know your fellow residents. Come by and take a tour of our modern apartment homes, we'd love to show you around. 

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