Neighborhood Spotlight: West Allis Restaurant Makes Clever Change to Help the Environment

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When it comes to making a difference for the environment one thing is for sure: little things matter.

In the case of one local restaurant, owner Chris Paul said he hopes several little things will start making a big difference.

Paul is the owner and operator of Capri di Nuovo in West Allis, which is a short drive from Mayfair Reserve.

Nestled in a residential neighborhood at 8340 W. Beloit Road, Capri di Nuovo is a beloved staple in the community. Open under the Capri di Nuovo name for almost 50 years, the current owners revealed the renovated restaurant in 2014, and have not turned back since.

Most recently, the local eatery announced they would be replacing plastic straws with pasta straws. Starting last month, the restaurant began swapping out plastic for Zitoni, a longer version of Ziti, which they import from Italy at about three times the cost of regular straws.

A Solution to the Pollution

It’s a fun, new concept, but it is a change restaurant owners say they have been wanting to make for quite some time.

“We have been brainstorming ways to reduce the use of plastic straws in the restaurant for a few years now, and we’re just so excited to have found such an interesting and unique option,” said Paul. “It is time to make a change, and we want to be among the first local businesses in the area to lead the way.”

The noodle is dense, which lends itself well to holding up to being used as a straw.

“I was skeptical too, the first time I tried using one,” Paul said, with a laugh. “But, honestly, I was happily surprised to see that after leaving one of these straws in a soda for an hour, it was no different than it was after the first minute.”

If you don’t believe it, Paul said you should come check it out for yourself and share your thoughts.

“We started originally by transforming all of our landscaping into urban gardens, then we added a live wall around our patio so we could utilize that space for the herbs to cook with,” Paul explained. “Eliminating straws and replacing them with a biodegradable option is really the perfect next step for us. It incorporates our long-term vision to find innovative ways to reduce waste and make smarter decisions for the environment.”

The concept is something Capri manager, Miahnna Haman-Wilson said she thinks is “without a doubt the best thing (the restaurant) can do.”

“It’s eco-friendly, fun, and incorporates the food we use at Capri every day,” she said. “Being passionate myself about food and the environment we live in, making this exciting change is hands down something I can’t wait to be a part of.”

Farm-to-table dining at Capri

The restaurant’s patio also serves a dual purpose: in addition to providing beautiful outdoor seating to patrons, many of the vegetables and herbs used in the kitchen are grown in the gardens in and surrounding the outdoor space.

“Sustainability is incredibly important to everything we do here at Capri,” Paul said. “We want to make sure we’re not only providing the best food and customer service, but that we are doing it in a way that has as minimal a footprint as possible.”

Living green is an important thing to us at Mayfair Reserve as well, where our newly constructed community features many energy efficient elements. Not only that, but we strive support high-quality local businesses, and Capri di Nuovo seems to be just that.

For more information about Mayfair Reserve, or to schedule a tour, call (414) 453-5800 or visit us online today!

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