Embracing Easter Traditions in Wauwatosa

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The spring sun is peaking through the window as anxious children jump out of bed and creep down the stairs.

There is something special about this day, something magical about the mysterious visitor that may have dropped off some goodies somewhere in the house.

The Easter bunny was here, and the frantic search for the baskets left behind begins.

It’s a beloved tradition embraced by millions of Americans each spring. Chocolate bunnies, onesies with bunny tails and even bunny-shaped Peeps line the shelves of major stores everywhere in preparation.

And for many, that’s only part of the wonder of the day. There’s time with family and friends and delicious food and egg hunts in the backyard.

There is joy and happiness and celebration of this very special day called Easter, a day many consider the unofficial, official start of spring.

It is a day filled with tradition, big and small.

“For me, one of my favorite things about Easter has always been filling a few plastic eggs with the change from my purse for the little ones in the family to find,” said Dani Headley, of Milwaukee. “It’s just so exciting to see the wonder in their faces over something we take for granted.”

Whether you have similar traditions of your own or are looking to try something new this year, there are plenty of exciting things to consider in Wauwatosa.

Exquisite Easter Brunch In

Home cooks love Easter. From great-grandma’s tried and true recipe for slow-cooked ham to the family favorite side dishes, there’s a lot to love.

But if cooking isn’t your thing, it’s not too late to consider locally ordering a fabulous Easter Ham Dinner from Bunzel’s Meat Market, 9015 W. Burleigh Street.

For $89.99, you can serve 12-15 people a double smoked ham, au gratin potatoes, green bean almondine, fruit fluff and dinner rolls.

Exquisite Easter Brunch Out

Nothing against that perfectly sweet, slow-cooked ham at the supper table, but sometimes it’s nice to hang up your apron and let someone else do the work. Fortunately, there are plenty of delectable dining options for Easter Brunch in Wauwatosa.

Fan favorite Blue’s Egg, 317 N 76th St., is open as usual for his Brunch at Blue’s, but be prepared to wait if you want to sample from their menu.

Reservations are still available at a number of other restaurants as well, including Café Grace, 11200 W. Burleigh St., which is having a special brunch event from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday, April 16.

For family-friendly fun, there will be an Easter egg hunt, crafts and pictures with the Easter Bunny at Maggiano’s Little Italy, 2500 N. Mayfair Road, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Other Tosa traditions for Easter brunch include Alioto’s at 3041 N. Mayfair Road and the Cheesecake Factory, 2350 N. Mayfair Road.

Egg Hunt Extravaganza

For some after-supper fun, it doesn’t take much to make an egg hunt pretty exciting, particularly for little ones.

Even hiding eggs filled with odd little goodies throughout your apartment is a great way to spice things up and keep things fun and light-hearted at a family get-together.

To mix things up, fill eggs with “bunny money” that can be used to buy things at the “bunny store” when the hunt is over.

Traditions through the ages

Multiple sources suggest children long ago constructed nests to welcome the colored eggs the bunnies would deliver on Easter morning. Those handcrafted nests have since given way to baskets and, in many cases, colored eggs have been replaced with chocolates and jelly beans.

Easter is a day marked by renewal and new life reflected in all things spring; there is indeed something magical about the mysterious visitor, and the baskets left behind.

Happy Easter, from our families to yours.

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