Family Fun at the Tosa Farmer’s Market in Wauwatosa

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From family-friendly favorites like the pretzel balls at Waterhouse Foods to street food delicacies like vanilla mascarpone and bourbon cherry waffles, there’s something for everyone to try at the Tosa Farmer’s Market.

Hand-rolled butter, fresh cheese products, drip-style coffee and fresh produce and flowers are among a host of other features offered by the market, which runs from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays through October 14.

Located on the Hart’s Mills parking lot near the Oak Leaf bike trail, the market generally features about 50 vendors who offer a wide variety of products.

It is operated by a board of directors as a way to provide local access to Wisconsin farmers, food producers and neighborhood businesses in an effort to promote educational opportunities to create a sustainable community for all.

“Tosans really rally around their causes and events like this that make their city the wonderful place that it is and that differentiates it from other communities,” said Nicole Adrian, a member of the Tosa Farmer’s Market board. “Every week you see so many folks walking to the market, biking to the market and maybe even running.”

New this year, Adrian said the market has added educational programs for kids and some cooking demos.

“It’s a really well-rounded market,” she said. “There’s something for everyone.”

Just ask market regular Katrina Fredrich, who frequents the market with her family.

“Press waffles and Valentine’s coffee…Saturday mornings don’t get much better than that,” she said. In addition to the pretzel balls and other amazing food options, Fredrich said she loves everything about the atmosphere.

“I love that (the vendors) recognize our family and greet us so cheerfully each weekend,” she said. Pete’s Power of Produce Club is another popular stop, Fredrich said, and she can’t wait until her little guy turns five so he can sign up for the $2 tokens and choose his own produce.

“What an awesome way to encourage healthy eating,” she said of the program, which allows children ages five to 12 to stop by for $2 in free tokens to spend on fruits and veggies each week.

Other bonus programs for kids include Bike to the Market Day on July 15, Honey Making Day on Aug. 19 and Chicken Keeping Day on Sept. 16.

These are among the many reasons why Mayfair Reserve chooses to be a major sponsor of the weekly event.

“It’s lively, energetic, fresh, and fun,” Adrian said. “It’s definitely an asset to the community that no one should miss.”

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