Mayfair Reserve in Wauwatosa: Welcome Home

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Quaint and kitschy in the best possible way.

Trendy, with the utmost respect for the past.

Small-town comforts just a hop, skip and a jump from the big city.

First-time and returning visitors alike seem to agree these are among the best ways to describe all things Wauwatosa. And the residents agree.
From the Main Street feel along the tree-lined blocks of East Tosa all the way to the up-and-coming neighborhood and surrounding strip-shopping, entertainment and restaurants that are part of the Mayfair Collection, there is something for everyone to love in Wauwatosa.

There is something that makes everyone feel a little more at home.

And, thanks to the Mayfair Reserve, there are some new options for anyone interested in calling Tosa home.

Life is full of functions to attend, deadlines to meet and tasks to complete. What if, instead of having a to-do list full of ordinary obligations, your list brought you joy every day? That is the kind of to-do list we hope you’ll create at the Mayfair Reserve.

Luxurious one- and two-bedroom apartments including refined features and finishes, Mayfair Reserve is just minutes from the region’s top shopping and recreational attractions and close to many of the area’s largest employers.

And it’s in the heart of all things quaint and kitschy.

It’s trendy without being snobby.

And it’s got all of the small-town comforts of the city it calls home.

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